My baby is gone for the weekend and I am bored and extremely lonely for her. No, I have no children, by choice. They’re fine, play with my friends’ then I am ready to give them back after a couple hours. Then its back to adult time. I live a X rated life at a minimum. Well, for the most part, I don’t consign to most laws or morals. I wasn’t consulted in their making (in this technological age that is totally possible) and most the time the basis for them are hidden behind safety or some other such shit. But really its to benefit some one. I follow my own set of morals and laws. I follow societies laws just enough to keep me out of prison or losing my job. Other than that, I answer to no one. “Tangent!” Oh yea, my baby. My woman, she off visting family hours away for some relatives birthday. Its been 3 days and one more is looking like a possibility. I don’t like it when she is gone for my selfish reasons. I’m okay with it though because it makes her happy. Besides sex and sex included, if you are not part of making your mate’s life happier, and enriching in some way, then why are you there or together? Any way, here is a little love poem, BFKM1 styley, I wrote her a while ago while I was missing her another time. After a pic she had sent me and the sentiment behind it.


“Baby you look fucking absolutely gorgeous. Made my cock start getting hard and my mouth started watering. I love love love love that pic. I like how your hair is in thick chunks small portion bangs. Low hung shirt in the front. The new lip gloss or lip stick you have on looks good to. And of course that smile that always softens me up when I see it. Ive probably looked at it 5 times already. Left me completely abhorrent in the missed time of my meltingly seductive red headed vixen that always has me ensnared with that smile showcasing the intentions of providing my pleasure and offering the ultimate consumption of her body as a sacrifice to her Owner. That smile that says all things are mine unconditionally and she will always come back for more if I would just allow her to serve me, she would prove it meritoriously time and time again. Until I was satisfied and she would still continue to walk through the fire unscrupulously forever so that I may never forget her devotion to me. Just as every mechanical second tics by that she never forgets herself. I love you for this and you are ever ingrained in My soul, Forever!”   This reminds me of how busy time has become since two sparks in the vastness of the universe has come together, that I rarely have time during the days to write such emotion to her. I will try harder in the future.


Your Heretic,