What is BFKM1? Big Fucking Kill Machine 1, get some!!! I was an Infantry Soldier in the U.S. Army. 9/11 happened and my unit was on ground in a shithole country called Uzbekistan at a shithole of an airbase called Karshi-Khanabad Air Base (K2) 5 weeks later. At some point after I got honorably discharged I attended an engineering school. My time over there created a huge disdain and disgust for the culture and people there. That experience fueled my desire to one day build my BFKM1 and drop them off over there instead of fucking humanitarian packages. That is a short and over simplified explanation of the blog name.

As for me personally, I have many faces that usually don’t go together. I am a decorated war vet that fought on the front lines, I cuss and say the most outrageous and inappropriate things, but I also went to engineering school due to my love of math and technical sciences. I work out and over the years have packed on serious muscle with only shit you can buy at the vitamin shoppe and the grocery store, but I drink like a fuckin fish, do blow and smoke occasionally. Some things I’m conservative about and some things I’m liberal about, crime I’m conservative about, dishing out some puss for some hard earned scratch, I’m liberal about. This blog is for me to get shit out of my head and just put it out there into the universe. Maybe even start a cult. There will be no theme, just whatever I feel like talking about. If you like it and get something out of it cool, If not read some G rated shit about kittens and shit or whatever sissies fuckin read. This blog is for me.









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