I never read a lot of Edgar Allen Poe. It’s good work but I never saw the hype nor fascination of the notoriety that his work receives. Maybe it’s one of those dead artist things. Never any new negatives to negate the perfect image contrived by the masses made in their minds. Or maybe I’m full of shit. Like most things, probably a little of both. Anyways, I digress. I read a quote from him today. I do not know if its a singularity or taken from a story but I plan on finding out. Feel free to chip in. I welcome all comments, negative or bad. And naughty pictures, female only please. Ha, fucking tangent again, my mind races when I write.

Sssoooo back to the subject of the fucking blog already! I read the quote and it spoke to the flame, burning into a foundry like volcanic cauldron to free the phoenix I feel myself emerging as. It spoke of truth burning in the core of myself and who I am, was, and becoming. The quote is “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” Edgar Allen Poe.

When the insane members of society out number the sane, will the sane become the insane? To become the hunted, subjugated, detained and executed? Think about that in your deep surreal moments of thought.

Your Heretic,







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