Well man goddamn. I’ve been super busy with buying a house and vehicle and a promotion. Fixing up shit. Enough with the inefficient pleasantries. After all, we’re not buddies and I don’t put my cock in you. Cock you say? Yes, most people have a penis, Daddy has a cock. If you are female and don’t know the difference, you are missing out woman. Whether my cock goes in you or not are two complete differences in how I treat and react with you. I wanted to talk about hiding in a safe place out in the open. WOooo! Where the fuck did that come from. I tangent a lot. I made tangent a verb, so fuck you.

Where was I? Oh mutha-fuckin yea! Hiding in a safe place. I’ve been experiencing this issue of these weak, impotent filthy shit loving pig fuckers talking to me in a very aggressive or completely rude manner just because they are in a safe place. ie. Work, college. If I fuck up then I will admit it like  a man and take an ass chewing. But I’m talking about unprovoked tone and attitude to me on menial things. Its so hard to control myself as it is. Add that shit and its damn near fucking impossible. Regardless of what they are saying, when that behavior happens, all I hear is “I shit on you, and I want to throw down right fucking now!” Which I wish they did, Id return with a scream, PARTY! Its only a couple people and only at work or school. Safe places for them due to the fact I cant lose my job or get kicked out of school. So hard not to just light their asses up. Grabbing their heads and pulling down with my arms while thrusting my knee into their face as hard as I can for as long as I can until my fucking shoulders blow out! There wouldn’t be shit all they could do about it either. Then I would let out a deep breath of relaxation as I had just felt like I had redeemed myself. I would then go home and sleep like fuckin baby 🙂

I always talk to people as I would no matter where we are at. I don’t talk to them like that even though I could shove them down and giggle all day long. But I refrain myself. Maybe its harder for me to handle because never anywhere else do people talk to me like that, not fucking ever! Why not? Because they are not in safe places. Once a certain line has been crossed there is no going back. Looking at me makes that quite apparent right off the start. Something must be done to correct the situation or I will rheumatize over it for weeks. I’m not saying I’m Mr. super badass, but you will never walk away unscathed. Or maybe being around a bunch of asshole adults when I was young entrenched that within me, doesn’t matter though, its in my psyche to stay. You just have to work with the cards your dealt, you just got to not fight it and be who you are, you will be happier for it, sometimes that’s all a man has in this world. Cause no one is looking out for #1 but you. Allways be true to thy self!

Your Heretic,



Its a Gwar kind of day for breakfast before the gym.



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