The Bitch… No its not  a/my bitch. I have multiple firearms but the bitch is my favorite. Along with the only firearm I have named. The Bitch, I thought was a name appropriate moniker to any one or any thing on the business end of her (yes I anthropomorphize a lot, but not of a child like quality). She is my firearm to replace all firearms in my meager arsenal. Short barreled for close quarter encounters, enough round capacities to not worry about vulnerabilities from constant magazine changes. Powerful enough to go the distance and shoot through pretty much anything I need it too without crazy custom rounds. I’ve read arguments against this rifle, mostly made by dried up old dick lickers lacking in experience, leading to even more of a lack of analytical thinking for an all, or when shit hits the fan gun. Once again, I tend to go on long tangents then remember my place and try to tie the end back to the beginning. Before I forget, magazine and clip. There is a difference, for fucks sake man, big budget block buster movies cant hire one fucking guy with some combat MOS experience to get the most basic shit right? Magazines go into rifles, clips go into handguns. Why is that important you asked? Glad you asked you simple motherfuckers. When shitheads are shooting at you and you’re out of ammo, due to smokin them stupid fucks left and right, your buddy may have some. He is responsible for a different sector of fire. He doesn’t know if you need ammo for a rifle or a pistol. If shit, ass, and guts is everywhere you might be using whatever the fuck you can get your hands on that will kill something with out getting to close to it. If you have a rifle and you tell him you need a clip, and he throws you one for a pistol, doesn’t do shit for your rifle now does it? 

Anyways, I love this fucking rifleas you would too if you ever get to fire one. I took The Bitch out Sunday on our date. This is the song we listened to. The song we manically laughed and danced to as we threw fire to an fro upon the world at our hest. Onward we march through a culture that is hemorrhaging male masculinity. Entrenching our solidarity on this solid sea of savagery.


Your Heretic,



For those of you curious about what type of rifle The Bitch is. Socom 16



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