Friday The 13th


As you can guess, I fucking love horror movies. Or as I used to pronounce it when I was young to many adults delight, Whorer movies. Looking back on it now as an adult, it was pretty fucking hilarious. I grew up on horror movies, when everyone else was watching Disney movies, I was watching A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th and the such. So Friday the 13th is always a fun day of horror watching for me. We have had two Friday the 13ths this year so far. My favorite movie this year in honor of Friday the 13th is the new Evil Dead 2014. Now before you start making a Hershey highway in your fruit of the loom, tighty whitey, plum smugglers, understand I do like the first Evil Dead but the first of something isn’t always the best version. I went to the movies last year to see it in the theaters. I remember liking it but not being that impressed with it. Earlier this year I came across Slipknot’s new album .5 The Gray Chapter. Looking for it on youtube to see if I like any of it, which I cant get enough of currently, I came across a fan made video for the song “The Negative One”. The fan made video is made from parts of the new Evil Dead. The movie producers should use this for their trailer. The song mixed with the video made me wonder what the fuck I had been thinking with the first time I watched it. The movie was super brutal. My favorite part being when she licked the exacto knife into a snake tongue. The original video for the song is kick ass as well (actually directed by one of the band members). Made me want to be a heretic and have blood orgies in tribute to some dark forgotten divinities past in a time of chaos.

Your Heretic,


The Evil Dead fan video

The actual song video



2 thoughts on “Friday The 13th

  1. Kick ass! No Hershey highway here…
    Some parts are kind of hard to read, might wanna go through some different shades to see which color would be best… or, figure out something different for the background.
    Aside from that… love this post. ♥


    • Haha, Yeah! No Hershey bitches! Thanks for the love and the feedback. I figured as much but really love that picture for the background and was having a hard time letting it go. So I caved in, gotta do what I gotta do son.


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